What you Can Expect:

  • Nearly 20 years in art
  • 10+ years in education
  • 5+ years in leadership
  • Enthusiasm
  • Commitment
  • Timeliness
  • Problem solving

Who I want to Work With:

  • Those seeking private photographic commissions.
  • Artists who share a similar vision and would like to collaborate on visual art and creative writing projects.

What I can do for you:



I have devoted nearly twenty years to the study of photographic theory and practice. I have passed on that passion and knowledge through  teaching at the college level for over a decade. My artistic practice ranges from commercial clients that include specialization in portraiture and still life photography.  Additionally, my fine art projects investigate the relationship where words and images converge, where memories become mythologies, and how environments contribute to personal narratives that result in intimate books. (Photograph by: Christopher R Perez)