Rural Communities Can Be Cultural Hubs

I am an artist who feels strongly about the role of the arts thriving in rural communities and desire to bring arts education and outreach rural communities.  Arts education is known to boost graduation rates amongst low-income students and that 72% of business are seeking creativity as a desired skill in employees (Americans for the Arts).  Additionally, those who seek out lifelong learning opportunities have been shown to build physical health and delay diseases such as alzheimers (TIME).  Small towns and rural communities that have thriving arts programs can have better graduation rates in their public schools, encourage more college graduates, and provide more opportunities to keep native residents in the region.  All of which can lead to economic growth.  

I am seeking to create partnerships with:

  • Colleges, art centers, and workshops looking for an instructor and lecturer
  • Public and private schools, museums, city arts councils, and social services who are interested in developing grant-funded thriving arts education programs and artist residency opportunities in rural communities.

In order to provide:

  • Consultation
  • Curriculum development and instructional design
  • Social networking & blogging
  • Classroom and online instruction
  • Developing community relationships